Who Are the Hockey Donkeys


The Hockey Donkeys organization strives to advance the sport of hockey, its accessibility, and culture, through the creation and grassroots support of recreational hockey teams, hockey development programs, and community philanthropy.


To define the premier standard of community-oriented hockey associations through leadership, sportsmanship, and a dedication to fun, fair and safe competition for all ability levels.

Core Values

Commitment We honor our commitments to our teams, our leagues, and to the values upon which our organization has been built.

Leadership We embody the values and identity of the Hockey Donkeys both on and off of the ice, and encourage the development of these traits throughout our organization.

Respect We are respectful of our fellow teammates, officials, league managers, score keepers, parents, coaches, and leaders at all times, both on and off of the ice.

Accountability We hold ourselves responsible for our actions and decisions both on and off of the ice, with the understanding that they may reflect upon the organization as a whole.

Sportsmanship We are dedicated to the enjoyment of hockey for the sake of playing hockey, through fair and honest game play, and a sense of fellowship and a competitive spirit.

Community We strive to build a community-oriented organization that supports the grassroots development of both the sport and the individual. Additionally, we play a regular and active role in our communities through philanthropic initiatives and leadership.