General Manager – Keith Swaim

Chief Financial Officer

**Position Available**
Acting CFO – Keith Swaim

Job Description: To oversee the financial
transactions, payments, and sponsors
associated with the Hockey Donkeys.

Comptroller – Doug Hockey

Chief Technical Officer

Robert Sullivan

Job Description: Design, improvement,
and continuous editing of the official team website, TeamSnap, and JOG Store.

Chief Operating Officer

David Hockey

Job Description: A liaison between the
Hockey Donkey Captains and the rinks
while also building and completing
competitive rosters.

Operating Team – Matt, Dylan, Robert

Chief Marketing Officer

Brad Gurda

Job Description: To continually promote
the Hockey Donkeys brand while
organizing events, raising money for the
community, and providing opportunities to volunteer.

Marketing Team – Emily, Claire, Michael,

Board of Donkeys

Jay Sedgwick
Tom Rathbone
Robert Porter
Aaron Llanso

Job Description: The board is designed to provide an alternative voice on
organizational decisions while also
providing accountability to all assigned

Team Captains
Frederick, Maryland
Skate Frederick

Jeff Abrecht
Dan Simon
Jay Sedgwick
Brad Gurda
Matt Goodwin

Hockey Donkeys Grey
Hockey Donkeys Navy
Hockey Donkeys White
Hockey Donkeys Green
Hockey Donkeys Maryland
Team Captains
Laurel, Maryland
The Gardens Ice House
Aaron Llanso
Dylan Drzewicki

Hockey Donkeys Bronze 3
Hockey Donkeys Gold & Silver
Team Captain
Reisterstown, Maryland
Matt Coyle Hockey Donkeys Reisterstown