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As an organization, the Hockey Donkeys are committed to both growing the game of hockey and giving back to the local community. Each of our players and their families are committed to donating their time and resources to help create a community in which we help each other successfully overcome the many challenges in life.

Listed below are the Hockey Donkeys events in which the organization hosts a three day adult hockey tournament to raise money for a local charities or organizations. 

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Amount Raised - $5,393

Event Article

2016 - Hospice of Frederick County

  • A fundraising tournament to help a hospice center care for the terminally ill was held over the weekend at Skate Frederick. After the passing of a team captain's wife, the Hockey Donkeys decided to host the first ever Donkeys Kick Cancer Hockey Tournament.

  • "It's been really overwhelming how much support we’ve gotten,” said Matthew Goodwin, tournament organizer and Hockey Donkeys player. “We've raised a ton of money for the cause, and we've got a lot of people who just learned about what hospice is. So everything from good hockey to having people here, it's been awesome."

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Amount Raised - $7.400

2017 - cancer research institute

  • We are pleased to announce that the 2nd annual Donkeys Kick Cancer tournament raised over $7,400 to benefit the Cancer Research Institute. What better way to ring in the 2017 New Year than playing hockey with family and friends while raising money to help fight a disease that has affected us all.  

  •  CRI is a top-rated charity that funds the development of novel cancer immunotherapies. They’re driving the development of next generation cancer treatments that use the body’s immune system to better recognize and destroy cancer cells without many of the side effects seen with treatments like chemotherapy. This field boasts some of the highest CURE rates in many cancers, and has recently taken some of the first steps in cracking previously untreatable cancers.

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Amount Raised - $5,081

Event Article

2017 - montgomery cheetahs

  • A two-day tournament, the Donkeys Give Back Invitational featured 16 teams in four divisions. The proceeds generated from the tournament went to the Montgomery Cheetahs Hockey Club — a hockey club for children with developmental disabilities.

  • One of the major attractions of the tournament was the USA Warriors Ice Hockey team. The USA Warriors are a national organization set up by USA Hockey for injured and disabled military veterans.    

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 4.50.52 PM.png

Amount Raised - $5,114

Event Article

2018 - Frederick rescue mission

  • On Sunday August 19, 2018, eight adult hockey teams finished a weekend tournament that raised over $5,000 for the Frederick Rescue Mission and will help buy over 100 backpacks for the upcoming school year.

  • The Frederick Rescue Mission had asked for donations to purchase school supplies for underprivileged youth, however the organization was happy to report they had far exceeded the requested amount.


Amount Raised - $8,011

Event Article

2019 - Frederick County Humane Society

  • On August 23-25, 2019, the Hockey Donkeys celebrated the amazing people and animals of the Frederick County Humane Society. Everyone enjoyed multiple food trucks, a silent auction, and raising over $8,000 for the Frederick County Humane Society.

  • In addition, the hockey tournament was also a huge success as we hosted our first ever Women’s Division that was sponsored by Flying Dog Brewery.

  • The Frederick Fire played a tough championship game to capture the title for the Men’s Division while everyone enjoyed multiple food trucks, a silent auction, and raising money for this amazing local organization.

Amount Raised - TBD

2020 - washington ice dogs

  • We Are Hockey Invitational Tournament

  • June 12-14, 2020

  • Men's Division & Women's Division

  • Food Trucks

  • Music

  • Silent Auction

  • Family Event

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