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CRHR awards

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

2018 Saucey Award - Archbishop Spalding; Bishop O’Connell; Team Maryland; Hockey Donkeys; First Line Training Center’s Girl’s Hockey Athletes; Hagerstown Mayhem.

The honor is given to teams that best display the growth of hockey in the off-season as depicted on social media. Post a photo of and your teammates developing, fundraising, at hockey camp…The honor encourages success. #Saucey #SauceyHonor

2019 Team of the Year - Annapolis Chiefs; Hockey Donkeys; Maryland Black Bears; Richmond Generals (Junior Elite); Howard Huskies; Tri-City Eagles; Potomac Patriots (Youth); Navy Youth Hockey.

A #TOTY follows four pillars: community service and outreach fun-factor, hockey promotion, and winning. Many teams will play and win during the season…several will be declared Teams of the Year!

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